Week 28

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Here is Julie and Brylee at 28 weeks. Julie went to the doctor last week and everything is still going well. Brylee had the hiccups and her heart rate was 150. Her next appointment with the doctor is in 4 weeks.


Week 27

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We have made it back to Tennessee after a week and a half in Charleston. Brylee sure did grow while I was away. We came back through Knoxville and went to Leslie and Mike's wedding. Everything is going well. We will start working on Brylee's room soon and will put some pictures up when we are finished with it.


Week 26

Brylee has officially had her first trip to Charleston. She has been very active (I don't think she likes the hot weather). The picture for week 26 will be posted after we make it back to Tennessee. My graduation is tomorrow and we should be back on Sunday. Julie also bought me a camcorder for graduation so we will be able to have videos of Brylee in the future. I am trying to talk her into having a weekly pregnancy video diary but she seems to have shot down that idea.


25 Weeks

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Julie and Brylee at 25 weeks! She is an active little thing, just ask Julie. I think she is going to be a soccer player. Julie is feeling great and feeding Brylee well.


Julie - 23 weeks

Julie - 23 weeks, originally uploaded by whitehem.

Here is Julie and Brylee at 23 weeks!