2 1/2 weeks

Taking a nap so she can be ready for the all-nighter
Brylee is now 19 days old and doing great. She is eating great and continues to excel with her peeing and pooping. She is scheduled to have her newborn pictures taken tomorrow.
Maybe she was dancing when I took this one

Brylee dreaming about a Vols TD

Brylee wondering who that funny looking fellow is



Brylee ready for the Vols

What did you say Mama?

Brylee taking a nap with Daddy

I think orange is Brylee's color

Brylee leaving the hospital


1 Week Update

I thought I would put a quick update on how things were going. I will try to upload a picture or two in the near future. It is amazing how I don't have time to do those sort of things at home anymore. Anyway, Brylee is doing great. We went to the doctor on Monday and she weighed 6 lbs 8 oz. So, she probably lost down below that and just started gaining. Her next checkup is at 1 month old.

We have figured out that Brylee likes to be cuddled. She sleeps like a rock when you are holding her....not quite like a rock when your not. She is doing great though. She can get some mighty good distance on her poop. On one special day, she cleared 4 feet onto a wall! I am pretty proud of her. I will try to put up pictures in the near future. Not to worry, we have not stopped taking pictures of her.


First Day at Home

I'm going home!

We were able to leave the hospital around 6:30 PM on Thursday. Brylee was dressed in a pretty white dress with white booties and a white hair bow. She seemed to enjoy the ride home. We appologized to her on the way that she had to grow up in a town called Hohenwald. Her first night at home was a little rough. Julie and I were still able to get a little more than 3 hours of sleep so I guess it could have been worse.

My first outing

Yesterday, Brylee had her first bath. Gwen (Julie's mom) handled that duty. I was not sure I was ready for that type of responsibility. Brylee handled it well and smelled great. Of course, we had to get it on video. Brylee also had her first outing yesterday as well. We had to go and make sure her bilirubin was ok so we went by Julie's old office for her first official public appearance. She wore a pink daygown with her little dressy white booties.

Last night, Brylee had a good night. She seems to be getting more into a routine. She is feeding pretty well now, about every 3 hours. She slept pretty well last night and Mama and Daddy got several hours of much-needed sleep.