Seven Weeks

Watching the game

Doesn't he look comfy with Daddy?

Laying in Brylee's bed



Bath Time for Brylee

Brylee had her first bath in our new bathtub two days ago. Before then, we had to give her a bath in the kitchen sink. She loved the new bathtub and it made giving her a bath so much easier!

Washing her hair

I love this pic

Playing some b-ball


Look Who's Smiling

The Grin

So Julie kept telling me that she could make Nolan smile and I wasn't really sure that I believed it. I just thought it was gas. But, I guess she was actually telling the truth. Here are a couple of pictures...

The Smile


Knoxville Trip and More

Do I have Something on My Face?

During the packing of the bags to go to Knoxville last weekend, Brylee decided she needed some Desitin. This is how we found her.

We had a great trip to Knoxville last weekend. Brylee and Nolan were excellent. They stayed in the hotel room with Grammy and Aunt Ellen while Julie, Tyler, Uncle Kenny, and I went to the football game. A great way to kick off the football season!

Brylee watching a movie during the drive

Before the game

Even Nolan was wearing his Tennessee gear

After a bath

A little smirk

Brylee holding Nolan's hand


Sleeping through the night for the 1st time!


1 Month Old....Almost

Nolan will be a month old tomorrow - and he is doing great. As you can see, Brylee still likes to get in his face as often as she can and play with him. He has also had a couple of firsts over the past couple of days - yesterday he had his first bottle and his first time with the pacifier. Both went well.
Brylee Napping

She already knows the value of learning by osmosis - when she woke up, she told me all about the puppies in that book.

Nolan is ready to head up to Big Orange Country this weekend
Nolan in his bed

Eating his doggy

Brylee helping Daddy feed Nolan his first bottle

Smiling as usual