12 1/2 Weeks

Brylee seems to be growing more and more each day. She is definitely plumping up - weighing in at 12 lbs (60th percentile) with a length of 22 1/2 inches (30th percentile). Julie works with her everyday, and Brylee is jabbering quite a bit. She is also smiling a lot now. She is sleeping very well - usually from 10 PM to 7 AM. I just wish I could get that much sleep.

We are starting to get Brylee out more, now that she is much better from her sickness. I think basketball is going to be her sport - although if so, she is going to have to be a little Spud Webb out there. She has been to two of Tyler's basketball games (Julie's brother) and seems to have a great time. She also enjoys watching basketball on TV (especially when the Vols play - ok, maybe it doesn't matter who is playing). She can be fussy and when basketball comes on, she will just watch and watch.

If anyone wants to come visit, we have plenty of room and you are more than welcome to come.

Watch out or I will bop you one

Mama trying to teach Brylee how to talk

Daddy trying to teach Brylee how to talk....hopefully in a less-southern accent

She loves playing with her hair

Brylee giving herself a big ol' hug


10 1/2 Weeks

Brylee's new mask
Brylee is doing much better than she was 1 week ago. She is still taking breathing treatments, but only needs them about 3 times a day now. Her cough has gotten much better and her appetite has come back with a vengeance. She has really been smiling a lot lately and trying to talk. She even will sing herself to sleep. Unfortunately, I think she is going to have Julie's voice.

went to church today and made her presence known. She had 3 of the loudest/wettest poops of her young life during communion (I think most of the people on our side of the church heard it). She makes me a little more proud every day.

Yay, I am about to get a new diaper

This is definitely her color!

She looks so good in orange, I had to put up 2 pictures of her in her UT outfit

Starting to figure out how to smile for the camera

Brylee playing with one of her Christmas presents


9 1/2 Weeks

Brylee enjoying being held by her Daddy

Well, I almost made it a full month without a blog entry, but I got yelled at by a few people for not updating this.....so here is the update. Brylee continues to grow well. She is up over 11 lbs now. She seemed to have a good Christmas. We made a video of her opening her presents and she actually did try to help on a couple of them.

About a week ago, she started sleeping through the night. We will lay her down around 10:30 or so, and she will sleep to around 7 usually. She is kind of restless, and usually ends up sideways in the bed by morning time.

Brylee has been sick since around New Years. Yesterday, she came to my office and she has RSV as well as a double ear infection. So, she has been a little out if it the past couple of days.

Hopefully, I will keep the blog updated a little more frequently in the future. We sure have enough pictures to keep it updated - we bought a new Canon Rebel XTI last week and had already taken 75 pictures with it by that night.

Brylee's 2 month picture

Brylee after a nice bath

First Christmas

Santa must want Brylee to be smart - look at all those books he left!

Excited about Christmas

Sweet little girl

Here is Brylee with a breathing treatment. She has RSV as well as a double ear infection right now.