Merry Christmas



Getting Ready For Christmas

Here are a few pictures as Brylee and Nolan get ready for Christmas.

Brylee using her nose to tickle Nolan

Nolan decides to defend himself by eating Brylee's hairbow

When that didn't work, he decided to pull it off

Whoa....Chocolate everywhere
Mmmm....thats good

Now time to decorate

4 1/2 Months and Daddy's Birthday Cake

Nolan is now 4 1/2 months old. He is getting big on us too. I think he literally smiles all the time if that is even possible. He also is rolling over from belly to back and, as of a couple of days ago, from back to belly.

Nolan made is acting debut last weekend as he had the lead roll in our church play - he has had raving reviews with his interpretation as baby Jesus. It made us proud that he could nail that role with no previous acting experience. I will try to put up a video in the near future.

He can't wait for Christmas

Brylee made Daddy a birthday cake!

Cereal for the 1st time