9 Months (Almost)

Brylee will be 9 months old in about a week. She is growing very fast and learning new things everyday. She is now crawling all over the place and getting in to everything (as you will soon see in one of the pictures). She has perfected the wave and, good news Vols fans, she can signal touchdown on command. Daddy is still her favorite word to say (which is ok by me).

It is always fun to see what position Brylee will be in when we wake up in the morning. Sometimes Brylee will be half standing with her head rested against the top of the bumper and her arms on the side of the crib. Other times, she will be in a sitting position and slumped over like she is doing toe-touches.

Brylee now weighs 19 lbs, 10 oz. She is getting her 9 month pictures made in about 2 weeks. Oh, and she now has 3 teeth.

Brylee and Mama

She seems to be happier with Daddy

Do I have a bug on my head?

Right before I grounded Brylee for not cleaning up her mess

Vacation 08

Brylee's first vacation was to Amelia Island, Fl. She traveled very well - slept most of the way down and back. She seemed to enjoy herself, although she was unsure of the water at first. Since we don't even have a bathtub at home, this was really the first time she was around a lot of water. We spent as much time as possible at the kiddie pool. We found out the first day that Brylee did not care too much for the ocean. She was pretty scared of those waves. And, at first, she did not care too much for the pool either. As the week went along, Brylee started liking the pool more. By the day we left, she really started having fun at the pool.

Daddy trying to get Brylee to like the ocean - didn't take

Brylee hanging out at the pool in her crab

Posing with Mama

And Daddy

And Mama again