Brylee's First Trip to Knoxville

Brylee loving Knoxville

Brylee made her first trip to Knoxville last weekend to see the city where she will be attending college (and, of course, be on full scholorship for golf and tennis). She had a big time in Big Orange Country and met some of her new best friends - Shelby Grace and Madison. Brylee was great on the trip to Knoxville and the trip back. I included quite a few pictures from the trip.

Haley and Madi, Julie and Brylee, and Sabrina and Shelby Grace

Family picture time

The Pops with their baby girls

Posing with Aunt Leah and Aunt Tiffany

Brylee doing some funky dance for Shelby Grace

Awe, they decided to hold hands - BFF

Look at the photo shoot

Shelby Grace taking a swipe at Brylee - like I said, BFF

Three Amigos on the couch

Brylee and Madi on a slant

Brylee ending her day with a nice bath

3 3/4 Months

Sorry for the delayed post. Brylee is now 3 3/4 months old. I have lost count of the weeks so we will start counting by months now. She seems to be learning something new everyday. She smiles all the time and loves to giggle at her mommy's singing. She also loves looking at her hands and feet and has decided that her hands actually taste pretty good. She came to the office yesterday and weighed in at 14 lbs, 10 oz. Now, if we could just get her to poop more consistently...