Christmas 2008

After a short hiatus, I guess it's time to continue the blog. Brylee is finally walking and getting into everything! I tried to tell her mama that walking would only lead to no good. She had a great Christmas and received all kinds of presents. I have quite a few pictures of her opening presents on the blog as you will see. She really enjoyed opening them and thought all the gifts under the tree were for her.....which I guess most of them were. Also, I have do have a picture from her first birthday party. I will try to do better in keeping the blog up-to-date.

Brylee getting ready for Christmas

Santa brought her a rocker....wouldn't you know it was orange!

She was so happy to get some Cheerios

Loving her doggy and snowman

More orange for her wardrope!

After having too much eggnog

Brylee loving all of Santa's presents

Showing her teeth with Uncle T

Our 2nd Christmas together
And a bonus picture.....
Brylee's first birthday (she doesn't like being messy)