Week 20

Halfway there.....pretty unbelievable that we are already at week 20. This one seems to be flying by quicker than Brylee's did. Julie is doing well. We will find out the sex on April 8th so stay tuned for that.


The Wonderful World of Disney

First of all, we survived vacation at Disneyworld. After the first couple of days, I was not sure that was going to be the case. Brylee managed to throw up in almost every park and every hotel room we stayed in while we were there. She had a double ear infection toward the end of the week as well. But, she seemed to have a great time (minus a little allergy flair up that is documented later in this blog).

Enthralled by the Magic Kingdom

Mama and Brylee in front of Cindarella's Castle

Julie and Jessica

Brylee meets her first character....Daisy

Brylee enjoyed meeting the characters....as long as she wasn't too close to them.


Meeting Goofy


Stay away Pluto!

Getting excited before Playhouse Disney

Thank you for getting me out of that thing

Brylee decided she needed a bath

And it apparently felt good

Brylee deciding where to go next at Epcot


Having fun with Mama

Right before Brylee threw up on Mama's face....just kidding

Brylee watching the parade

One of the dancers at the parade stopped and gave Brylee her streamers.

Waving to everyone

She loved the parade

More of Brylee resting

After Uncle T bopped her one

Actually, this was how Brylee reacted to the sunscreen that we put on her. She stayed inside on Wednesday and, as you can see, her eye was really about swollen shut. This was the same time she was developing those ear infections.

Playing in the curtains

Loving the night parade

Watching the fireworks

Trying to use the flat iron on her hair

Is that Tyler?....Shaving?.....With a girl's razor?




Brylee was back to her baking last week....and Daddy really likes that Brylee is baking now. Although I am not sure how sanitary it is that she has to stir them on the floor. She made some chocolate cupcakes and they were good.

Also, I included a couple of pictures that we still have yet to hang up but turned out great.
Brylee loves to stir

Time to ice those cupcakes

Proud of her icing job

Giving it a try

That girl has Daddy's cheeks

And the finished product

Newborn to 1 year Collage

Brylee at one year old

Week 16

Julie and baby are doing well at week 16. It is hard to believe that we are already 16 weeks into this pregnancy! This one is flying by so far. The baby likes to stick some body part out in the mornings for us to feel. Brylee also likes to give the baby a hug.