Another Day, More Coloring for Brylee

Brylee Smiling for the Camera

Brylee had her first trip to Memphis last weekend to see Holly's wedding. She was a good girl during the ceremony and even got to dance a little bit at the reception.

Not sure what she is doing here

Coloring with Pooh
Not only is she coloring a Pooh coloring book, she has to have Pooh watch her color. She loves all of her stuffed animals and has to have them with her if she is watching them on TV or if she is reading about them.
More Coloring

Feeding her baby

She is so proud of her baby


Brylee Reading

Brylee can read!

Brylee has become a great reader. Here she is reading a book, although she does take a brake in the video to watch a little TV.


Week 23

Well, we are 23 weeks now and still no name. So if anyone has any suggestions out there, feel free to throw those out at us. Julie is still doing well. We went shopping for Baby Boy Whitehead for the first time last weekend. Its amazing.....not everything they make for babies is pink - there is actually some blue out there too!

Hugging the baby

Kissing her baby brother


Coloring Fun

Brylee has two new favorite past-times......coloring and playing with stickers. I think she could look through a sticker book all day long - of course, all of the stickers usually wind up on her shirt. She is not the best colorer yet, however.....she can't stay within the lines or anything. But, she sure loves it. Here she is coloring Pooh, and what do you know, she is using the orange crayon.
Like I said, the stickers usually wind up on her shirt. Did I mention that she LOVES Mickey!


Happy Easter

Brylee has had a great Easter. Here she is with Daddy before we left for church. The Easter Bunny left her lots of goodies. After church, we had a huge family dinner and we hunted Easter eggs. The Easter egg hunt was a lot of fun for Brylee but soon she found out there was chocolate candy in the eggs and she liked it even better.

Showing off her dress

Wondering why I am taking so many pictures

She loved her Tigger and Pluto



The picture is a little blurry, but it was definitely a boy. The arrow points to the important part that let us know that.

And here are his footprints.

He was right on schedule as far as growing. He weighed about a pound today and is still measuring right on target for the due date - August 12th. We still haven't decided on a name (for some reason Julie is still vetoing Gunther and Mark Jr.).

I guess this means our blog needs to change to gender-neutral colors....so stay tuned for more updates.

Week 22

22 weeks - and today is the big day. We go to the doctor at 3:30 to find out if he/she is a girl or boy! Stay tuned!


New Clothes

Here are Brylee's new custom-made clothes that her Aunt Ellen made for her. The bottom two pictures are the reversible outfits. Two for the price of one....I like that.