5 Months

4 month picture

Brylee is growing by the day and is now 5 months old. She seems to be making new faces every day and absolutely loves to play with her feet. She has had several firsts over the past month or so - she rolled over at 4 months, 5 days, celebrated her first Easter, stayed in Opryland Hotel for the first time, and started to eat baby food (she hasn't exactly loved the sweet peas so far).

Brylee now weighs in at 16 lbs, 1 oz. and is 25 1/2 inches long. She seems to be getting a little attached to her mommy and loves it when her mommy rocks her. She has really started to reach a lot as well.

Playing in her Exersaucer

Brylee loves playing in her Exersaucer. She finally has started figuring all of the little toys out on there.

Brylee's 1st tennis outfit

Daddy's tennis lessons (and beginning of the retirement plan) begin in about 1 year...

Brylee in her favorite position as she is getting ready for bed

She absolutely loves playing with her feet now. She better play with them now while they are pretty b/c mommy and daddy don't exactly have model feet.

5 month picture

Mommy finally bought Brylee an outfit that wasn't white or pink!

Oh how she loves those sweet peas

The funny thing is, this is the same face I make when I eat sweet peas.

Talking to Daddy on his way home from work

I think she was saying, "Daddy, can I have a cell phone?"