Burping in Style

Well Brylee is officially getting the royal treatment....and she hasn't even been born yet. Look at her monogrammed burp cloths. I haven't had a new undershirt in 6 years, yet Brylee is having things she is going to throw up on monogrammed. Oh well, I guess I better get used to it.


7 Weeks, 1 Day to go

Here is Julie and Brylee at 32 weeks, 5 days

Well, Brylee is now 2-0 while cheering on the Vols at Neyland Stadium. Everything is still going well and Brylee is still just a kickin away. I am telling you, she really likes it when she hears Rocky Top. The last game Brylee will get to attend this season will be in two weeks when the Vols take on Georgia.


Brylee's Nursery

Video of Brylee's Nursery

Here is the video of Brylee's Nursery. I also have pictures up on our website. We still need to add a few finishing touches to the walls, but we are getting close to being finished. I just hope Brylee likes pink because there is plenty of it in her room. Julie had her doctor's visit this week and everything is still going well. The doctor said he thought Brylee was pointing down and her next visit will be in three weeks. 54 more days until her due date!


Only 8 Weeks to go!!!!

It is hard to believe that in 8 short weeks, Brylee is due. We are getting very excited. We have finished painting the nursery and will get pictures up of that after we put up the curtains.


31 Weeks

Julie's friends had Brylee's first shower this past weekend in Knoxville. Thanks to them, Brylee will no longer be naked all the time and she will have things to play with. Look at all those mean girls laughing at how big Julie is getting!

Brylee made it to her first UT game.....and I told Julie that she has to go to every game from now on since we won, but she didn't seem to go for the idea. Here we are tailgating with JR and Lindsey before the Vols beat Southern Miss.


30 Weeks!!!!

Hello Everyone. Sorry that it has been a while since my last blog. I have been studying for my boards which are thankfully over. Julie and Brylee are doing great! I am sorry there is no picture for the moment but I will put one up next time I can get on the internet with my computer. Brylee is a very hyper little girl. We are just hope that she is getting out her hyperness right now and will be a calm little girl by the time she gets here. I think Julie likes the hyperness though because she will sit for hours watching Brylee kick and move. On a more important note, Brylee will be making her first trip to Neyland Stadium this weekend. We are going to see the Big Orange play. We will be painting the nursery in the next week or so as well so stay tuned to see what that looks like. You will get to see my painting skills! We have 9 weeks, 6 days until the due date!!!