Week 38

Julie went to the doctor yesterday - everything is still going well (except for a little swelling of Julie's feet and ankles). We have officially made it past when Brylee was born. Brylee was born at exactly 38 weeks and today is 38 weeks and 1 day for Nolan.



Brylee stylin' with her pigtails, doggy backpack, and sunglasses.

Showing off her backpack

Flipping up her sunglasses


Ready for Nolan to arrive

Bath Time

After a long day of playing, Brylee loves her bath time. Here are a couple of pictures of her splashing. Her Mama doesn't let her splash....but I can't help myself - it is too cute.

Do you think she is out-growing the sink?

Pretty hair after the bath


Knoxville Baby Shower

We went to Knoxville over the weekend for a baby shower for Nolan. Thankfully, Julie did not go into labor while we were in Knoxville (although I think at this point she is just ready for Nolan to get here and may have been ok with a trip to a Knoxville hospital). We had a great time and Nolan got lots of nice presents. I took plenty of pictures so enjoy. I will try to keep the blog updated on Nolan's progress. Due date is Aug 12th but Julie is really hoping for him to be 2 weeks early like Brylee was.

Everyone having a great time

While Braden slept behind the presents

Madi and Shelby

She did it!

What did you say Madi?

The Three Amigos

All for one

And one for all

The girls with their Mamas

Group picture

Braden decided to wake up during the picture taking

Brylee helping Mama open Nolan's presents

Brylee and Shelby thumb-wrestling

Sharing the flower

Shelby posing for the camera

Picture time with Aunt Tiffany