The Whitehead River

So we had a pretty exciting weekend. Saturday, we decided to go to Franklin - as we arrived at the Factory, sirens were going off indicating a tornado sighting. So we stayed there for a couple of hours and watched the weather. Then we attempted to make it to the mall to no avail - flooding everywhere we turned. So we went back home.

We woke up Sunday to water - lots and lots of water. It was everywhere as Brylee would say. Here are several pictures of the Whitehead River. For a few minutes there, I thought we were going to be that family you see on TV that is being rescued by helicopter. I was trying to get my best southern accent ready just in case we were to be interviewed - but thankfully, it did not reach that point.

I always wondered what it would be like living on a river house, but I didn't really expect to find out living on Clifton Road. Anyway, I guess clean-up will begin this week - our yard is a mess!

Front/Side yard

Getting to the cars

Brylee and I thought it was pretty

Starting to reach the front porch

More of the front "yard"

A little friend joined us on the porch

Reaching the camper

Rising up on the cars

Even around the garage

Getting worse

Where the two creeks meet

Saved by a tractor

The tractor pulling the Sentra to safety

Building a baracade to protect us

Tyler enjoying the Whitehead River

What a fun Sunday!


The Playset....Ohhhh, The Playset

Several weeks ago we decided that it was time to buy a playset for Brylee and Nolan. Well, I did my research and basically every playset I looked at had the same comment for the people that purchased them - "hard to put together". With my unbelievable handyman skills, I thought it would be a piece of cake for me.

So after buying the playset, I open up one of the three 150lb boxes and find the instruction booklet. 58 pages consisting of 38 phases. So the instruction booklet says that it should take anywhere from 6-12 hours to put together. However, none of the wood was numbered.

Lets just say that I have worked on this monster for 32 hours now and still have not got the monkey bars or the swings on this thing yet. But, it is actually usable right now. We have a slide, a picnic table, and a rockwall that Brylee has been having a blast on. I will take more pictures when I finally get it completely finished.

Enjoying the picnic table

Nolan having a blast too

Taking on the rock wall

Hey Brother!

Climbing all by herself

Just before her first (and last) head-first slide
Actually she didn't do a head-first slide but she does like to have someone at the bottom of the slide to catch her before she hits the ground. She is climbing both the ladder and the rockwall by herself and sliding down herself. She has a blast with it so, I guess all-in-all it was worth the 32 hours spent so far!


7 1/2 Months

Well the kids are really growing and I cannot seem to keep this blog up-to-date as you can tell. Nolan is attempting to crawl now - but he still more or less just scoots. Brylee is still being a great big sister. My next post will be of my project over the past few weeks....the playset. Stay tuned.

Nolans a messy eater like his big sister

Having a big time in Brylee's bed

Playing together

Brylee with her patented smile

Nolan trying to stick his entire hand in his mouth

This is what happens when Daddy fixes Nolan's hair

Nolan's little grin


6 Months

Nolan is just over six months old now and he is really growing - He is sitting up by himself all the time. His big sister still provides him all the entertainment he needs. He will stare at her and just laugh.

Good joke Daddy-o

What did you say?

Sister - can I have some too?

Just before the rumble in the pack-n-play

I've fallen and I can't get up!

Who is that little boy in the mirror?

Smiling at her Valentine's gifts

And helping brother open his gifts too!


Snow Days

Two different snows.....in Tennessee.....in one year - and we have the pictures to prove it. Who would have thought? Brylee absolutely LOVES the snow. When she is out in it, she doesn't want to come in - no matter how cold she may get. We had a blast playing out in the snow.

Trying to catch it

Hanging out with Daddy - notice her Penguin shoes

Sledding with Jess

Getting pulled by Steven

Monkeying around after a great snow day

2010 Update

So it has been a few days since my last blog entry - or maybe a few months - anywho, the kids are really growing as you can see in the pictures. Nolan just started sitting up some on his own over the past few days. He is still a happy little thing. Brylee continues to make us laugh daily. She loves playing with her brother and is a GREAT big sister. I will do a better job keeping this thing up-to-date.


Watching "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

or maybe it was Mickey Mouse?

The happy little boy

Playing in his high chair

Look Mommy, I can feed both babies at once!

I am a little nervous that he always has a lot of pink around him

And that he likes to be in a pink stroller

Look at the little twinkies

Brother gets lots of kisses

Sitting up by himself!