Brylee's First Haircut

What is going on here?

Brylee had her first haircut this week. Her mommy thought it was getting a little shaggy in the back and was in need of a trim. Brylee did a great job with the haircut. She sat very still and said she wanted to go again after it was over.

The First Cut

Brylee making sure Sheila is cutting it even

Smiling...sort of...after the trim

Week 15 - and so it begins again


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was a busy day for the Whiteheads. Brylee opened her presents on Valentine's Eve because we left for Knoxville on Valentine's morning to see the Vols play. It is not a holiday without Brylee getting something that is orange. She had a big time at her first UT event. On the way home, she did make somewhat of a scene in Opry Mills Mall. On our way out of Gymboree, Brylee vomited all over the place....and I do mean all over the place. There was a line of vomit stretching about 15 feet as Julie continued to push her before any of us saw the masacre. You should have seen some of the looks that we got as we tried to clean her up. I am sure this is the first of many embarrasing moments we will have in public with our kids.
Brylee opening presents

Of course our little Volunteer loved Smokey

Mama, Brylee, and Smokey

Ready to go to the game

She loves seeing all the orange

Watching the Vols beat Vandy

Cheering the Vols to Victory


15 Months

Brylee and Julie are doing well. Brylee had her 15 month shots yesterday and did great (so I am told). She is really getting around well now...even running at times. That tennis racquet will be in her hands in the near future. She is saying more words now and even attempting to sing at times. I am thinking about putting her on American Idol next year. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she dances to the songs on that show.

A bad hair day

Cooking for Daddy


Brylee in her apron

Chef Brylee - the movie