Week 29

It is amazing that we are already at 29 weeks - I guess when you are busy with a 19 month old, time sort of flies by. Everything is still going well. We have been extremely busy this weekend getting ready for Nolan to arrive. We painted a bed for Brylee and moved all of her furniture into Nolan's room. Tonight is Brylee's first night in a big-girl bed. I will put pictures up in the near future of both Nolan's room as well as Brylee's room.


Dance To The Music

She loves to dance
I think Brylee has her Daddy's dancing ability.....which is not such a great thing.

I think I will sit right here

Brylee danced her little heart out for a long time. When it was time for everyone to dance, Brylee decided to take a seat in the middle of everyone.

Watch Brylee's Moves


Allison's Graduation

Brylee posing with the graduate

Friday night was graduation night at Lewis County High School. Brylee's cousin Allison was the Valedictorian and is now UT bound. I expect nothing less from Brylee....no pressure.

Allison and Tyler

Saying cheese with Daddy

Allison giving the Valedictory speech
Afterwards, we went to the graduation party held at the park. Lets just say Brylee got jiggy with it....stay tuned for pictures and a video.


Cute Look for Brylee

Here are a few pictures of Brylee in her Titans hat. She always puts it on backwards.


Mothers Day Book

Click here to view this photo book larger

Mothers Day

Mother's Day card for Mama

We had a great Mother's Day. Brylee gave Julie her card and book in the morning before church and then we grilled out with the family after church. You can see the book that Brylee and I got Julie in the post above.

Reading the book

What a face

Play-Doh Time

Brylee playing with her Play-Doh

Smiling....sort of


Week 26 - We Have a Name!

Julie went to the doctor yesterday and everything is still going well. We actually were able to get another ultrasound since the DVD of the last one would not work.

And now to get to the name.....after several vetoes by both parties, the name we finally agreed upon is......Nolan.

Look at that muscle

Nolan was making a muscle for a few seconds in the ultrasound. The sad thing is, I think his muscle is already bigger than mine.

Holding his hands together

Let the burp cloth making begin


Fashion Model

How pretty is this look?

Brylee dressed herself yesterday (sort of). She put on these pants all by herself. How pretty is that?

Trying to put on the matching top

An even prettier look

Smiling with Daddy

And now with Mama


Tricky Tricky Brylee

Sleeping in her highchair

Brylee is getting too smart for us. Recently, her Mama has been making her take her daytime naps in her bed instead of with Mama. Lets just say, that has not been the highlight of her day. She usually cries for 45 min to an hour. She also will tend to throw up because she gets so mad. So....yesterday, when she was being fed her lunch, Brylee decided to take matters into her own hands. She went to sleep in her highchair instead of being forced to sleep in her bed. Score one for Brylee.

Making a "cake"

I always enjoy when Mama and Brylee decide they want to bake. However, Brylee didn't want to make brownies. So Mama asked Brylee if she wanted to make a cake, and she said yes to that. So, when I got home I had one of the flattest cakes I have ever seen (although they were really good brownies).

What a face

It makes me happy that she likes to bake