Christmas 2008

After a short hiatus, I guess it's time to continue the blog. Brylee is finally walking and getting into everything! I tried to tell her mama that walking would only lead to no good. She had a great Christmas and received all kinds of presents. I have quite a few pictures of her opening presents on the blog as you will see. She really enjoyed opening them and thought all the gifts under the tree were for her.....which I guess most of them were. Also, I have do have a picture from her first birthday party. I will try to do better in keeping the blog up-to-date.

Brylee getting ready for Christmas

Santa brought her a rocker....wouldn't you know it was orange!

She was so happy to get some Cheerios

Loving her doggy and snowman

More orange for her wardrope!

After having too much eggnog

Brylee loving all of Santa's presents

Showing her teeth with Uncle T

Our 2nd Christmas together
And a bonus picture.....
Brylee's first birthday (she doesn't like being messy)


9 Months (Almost)

Brylee will be 9 months old in about a week. She is growing very fast and learning new things everyday. She is now crawling all over the place and getting in to everything (as you will soon see in one of the pictures). She has perfected the wave and, good news Vols fans, she can signal touchdown on command. Daddy is still her favorite word to say (which is ok by me).

It is always fun to see what position Brylee will be in when we wake up in the morning. Sometimes Brylee will be half standing with her head rested against the top of the bumper and her arms on the side of the crib. Other times, she will be in a sitting position and slumped over like she is doing toe-touches.

Brylee now weighs 19 lbs, 10 oz. She is getting her 9 month pictures made in about 2 weeks. Oh, and she now has 3 teeth.

Brylee and Mama

She seems to be happier with Daddy

Do I have a bug on my head?

Right before I grounded Brylee for not cleaning up her mess

Vacation 08

Brylee's first vacation was to Amelia Island, Fl. She traveled very well - slept most of the way down and back. She seemed to enjoy herself, although she was unsure of the water at first. Since we don't even have a bathtub at home, this was really the first time she was around a lot of water. We spent as much time as possible at the kiddie pool. We found out the first day that Brylee did not care too much for the ocean. She was pretty scared of those waves. And, at first, she did not care too much for the pool either. As the week went along, Brylee started liking the pool more. By the day we left, she really started having fun at the pool.

Daddy trying to get Brylee to like the ocean - didn't take

Brylee hanging out at the pool in her crab

Posing with Mama

And Daddy

And Mama again


7 Months

Brylee has passed the seven month mark and is doing great. She finally got her first tooth yesterday after working on it for a couple of months. She has learned several new tricks recently. Her favorite thing to do is fake cough with you. If you cough at her, expect a cough to come right back at you.

She still has not crawled yet, but she does do a reverse crawl. If you lay her on her stomach, she will start scooting backwards. She also can now pull up to stand. And, much to her Mama's dismay, she says Dada all the time. Another favorite past-time of hers is throwing down her toys so that you can pick them up for her.

She got her six month pictures about a month ago and put on a show. We have some really good ones from that visit.

Modeling for Baby Gap

Mama decided Brylee needed a headband faze

And Brylee likes the headband faze

Standing up like a big girl

Oh no, she is already into accessorizing herself

Brylee getting Daddy

Trying to read

Not sure about this face

My little Chiquita


6 Months

It is pretty unbelievable that Brylee is 6 months old now. She is getting bigger by the day....she is now 17 lbs, 12 oz (that is a whopping 1 pound, 11 oz more than she weighed 4 weeks before then) and she is 25 1/2 inches long. She is really getting good at sitting up and the bald spot on the back of her head is starting to fill in.

Brylee's 6 month pictures are on Tuesday. I hope she smiles this time. Julie and I will be leaving her for 4 days this weekend as we are going to the PGA golf tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.

A sweet little girl

Starting the computer lessons early

Apparently Mama lets her play in her bed all day long

Sitting up well for her 6 month picture

Standing in her bed - this is right before she jumped out

Watching the creek

Striking a pose with Mama


5 Months

4 month picture

Brylee is growing by the day and is now 5 months old. She seems to be making new faces every day and absolutely loves to play with her feet. She has had several firsts over the past month or so - she rolled over at 4 months, 5 days, celebrated her first Easter, stayed in Opryland Hotel for the first time, and started to eat baby food (she hasn't exactly loved the sweet peas so far).

Brylee now weighs in at 16 lbs, 1 oz. and is 25 1/2 inches long. She seems to be getting a little attached to her mommy and loves it when her mommy rocks her. She has really started to reach a lot as well.

Playing in her Exersaucer

Brylee loves playing in her Exersaucer. She finally has started figuring all of the little toys out on there.

Brylee's 1st tennis outfit

Daddy's tennis lessons (and beginning of the retirement plan) begin in about 1 year...

Brylee in her favorite position as she is getting ready for bed

She absolutely loves playing with her feet now. She better play with them now while they are pretty b/c mommy and daddy don't exactly have model feet.

5 month picture

Mommy finally bought Brylee an outfit that wasn't white or pink!

Oh how she loves those sweet peas

The funny thing is, this is the same face I make when I eat sweet peas.

Talking to Daddy on his way home from work

I think she was saying, "Daddy, can I have a cell phone?"


Brylee's First Trip to Knoxville

Brylee loving Knoxville

Brylee made her first trip to Knoxville last weekend to see the city where she will be attending college (and, of course, be on full scholorship for golf and tennis). She had a big time in Big Orange Country and met some of her new best friends - Shelby Grace and Madison. Brylee was great on the trip to Knoxville and the trip back. I included quite a few pictures from the trip.

Haley and Madi, Julie and Brylee, and Sabrina and Shelby Grace

Family picture time

The Pops with their baby girls

Posing with Aunt Leah and Aunt Tiffany

Brylee doing some funky dance for Shelby Grace

Awe, they decided to hold hands - BFF

Look at the photo shoot

Shelby Grace taking a swipe at Brylee - like I said, BFF

Three Amigos on the couch

Brylee and Madi on a slant

Brylee ending her day with a nice bath