Faith Like a Child - Our 2013 OCC Story

Brylee (6) and Nolan (4) LOVE Operation Christmas Child.  Several times over the past year, I have noticed them playing a game.  It’s a game in which they pack imaginary shoeboxes to send overseas to children so those kids will hear about Jesus.  So, it was no surprise this year as they decided to save their money to pack shoeboxes for OCC this Christmas.  They saved all year long, and by November they had saved around $300 for their shoeboxes.  But, how were they going to cover the cost of the shipping for the boxes?  Brylee came up with the idea to create a business…to make and sell candy canes for $7 a piece – the same price of sending one shoebox overseas. 
Working hard on their ornaments

So, as they began selling candy canes, I began to think, “OK, maybe we can cover about 20 boxes or so.  That would be great.”  But, that was not Nolan’s goal.  You see, Nolan had a God-sized goal – he wanted to send 100 shoeboxes! 

Cute, Nolan.  That’s really cute.  But, 100?  That’s not realistic!

Within 2 weeks of selling candy canes, Brylee and Nolan had raised over $800!  Not only that, we had others donating to help them reach their goal.

Brylee showing off her ornaments
Making her plea to the church
Last night, we finished packing 100 shoeboxes in our basement! 

And as 100 children get to hear about Jesus this year, God used my children to remind me of something.  When I have faith like a child coupled with a God-sized goal, He will ALWAYS come through and Jesus WILL BE exalted.  The question is…do I have faith like a child?  And, does my vision line up with God’s vision? 

Thank you, God for using my children to remind me of your power this year.  May you use the 100 shoeboxes to make much of Your Name!
Filling those shoeboxes
They fill the basement!
Nolan filling the boys' boxes
Finished Product