Our 2014 OCC Story

204 shoeboxes…that was the goal for Brylee, Nolan, and Neely this year.  I remember last year, when 100 seemed like an impossibility.  204 is quite a leap from 100.  But, that became the goal this year.

In 2013, the kids made and sold candy cane ornaments to raise money for shipping.  First, we had to come up with a plan on what to make for our project this year.  After looking at several possibilities, the kids decided on an angel ornament.  So, we ordered enough beads and material to make around 200 ornaments.  
Angel Ornament
Brylee and Nolan hard at work making ornaments
Showing off their creations

I have to tell you…I was still skeptical of 204 shoeboxes.  Just to ship those boxes, it would cost $1428 and this figure does not even include the cost to pack the shoeboxes.  That is quite a lofty goal.  

But as we began making and selling the angels, it became clear that God was going to provide for that lofty goal.  As orders and donations began pouring in, the goal of 204 shoeboxes began to look more doable.  If you bought an angel, made a donation, or helped in any way – THANK YOU!  

As we were approaching the time to pack our shoeboxes, we found out that Operation Christmas Child would be sending a videographer to come film the kids making their ornaments and packing their shoeboxes.  Their goal is to make a promo video for next year to send to churches around the nation about how to raise money to send shoeboxes.  
Being Interviewed

Telling about their ornaments
Filming packing the shoeboxes
On Saturday, November 22, Brian came to film the kids making an ornament and tell about why Operation Christmas Child is so important to them.  We went to church and filmed the kids selling their ornaments and then made our way to the Fellowship Hall to pack their boxes.  
Brylee working hard
Neely being cute packing her box

Thankfully, we had some amazing help packing Brylee, Nolan, and Neely's shoeboxes.  At the end of the day, the kids surpassed their goal of 204 shoeboxes!  They packed 215 shoeboxes this year!  Praying for God to use them in a major way to impact His Kingdom! 
Amazing help!  Thank you!
215 shoeboxes
I love my family!