Brylee's Secret

Shhh...Brylee has a secret

She seems to be very happy about her secret

She is going to be a BIG SISTER...

Another view

His or her heart is really racing
Yep, Brylee is going to be a big sister. She is currently getting over an ear infection but she has been doing great. She sends her best. I have been lovingly calling our newest little blessing "Gunther", although I don't think Julie is wild about that name. I think Brylee really likes that name though. Julie is 11 weeks now and doing great. She feels a little nauseous at times but otherwise is doing great. We will start putting those weekly pictures of Julie up soon. So far, not a lot to see there.

Brylee practicing for peek-a-boo with Gunther (or Gunthena)


Knoxville Trip

Over the weekend we made a visit to Knoxville to see friends. We met at Leslie and Mike's house and had a great time. The babies were great and did a great job entertaining everyone. I know I got my exercise by chasing Brylee all over the house. Shelby, Brylee, Madi, and Braden were all very well behaved and had a good time....most of the time anyway (things took a turn for the worse in the group picture that I have on here).
Somehow all the babies survived the picture

Family picture with Brylee showing her teeth

Brylee hanging out with Braden

As you can see, the group picture went well

Is she asleep?

Shelby showing Brylee the castle

Madi and Brylee were entertained by Connor

Awww...friends forever

And a couple of pictures from home....
Brylee talking to her baby

Rocking Bambi and her puppy