7 Months

Brylee has passed the seven month mark and is doing great. She finally got her first tooth yesterday after working on it for a couple of months. She has learned several new tricks recently. Her favorite thing to do is fake cough with you. If you cough at her, expect a cough to come right back at you.

She still has not crawled yet, but she does do a reverse crawl. If you lay her on her stomach, she will start scooting backwards. She also can now pull up to stand. And, much to her Mama's dismay, she says Dada all the time. Another favorite past-time of hers is throwing down her toys so that you can pick them up for her.

She got her six month pictures about a month ago and put on a show. We have some really good ones from that visit.

Modeling for Baby Gap

Mama decided Brylee needed a headband faze

And Brylee likes the headband faze

Standing up like a big girl

Oh no, she is already into accessorizing herself

Brylee getting Daddy

Trying to read

Not sure about this face

My little Chiquita