The Whitehead River

So we had a pretty exciting weekend. Saturday, we decided to go to Franklin - as we arrived at the Factory, sirens were going off indicating a tornado sighting. So we stayed there for a couple of hours and watched the weather. Then we attempted to make it to the mall to no avail - flooding everywhere we turned. So we went back home.

We woke up Sunday to water - lots and lots of water. It was everywhere as Brylee would say. Here are several pictures of the Whitehead River. For a few minutes there, I thought we were going to be that family you see on TV that is being rescued by helicopter. I was trying to get my best southern accent ready just in case we were to be interviewed - but thankfully, it did not reach that point.

I always wondered what it would be like living on a river house, but I didn't really expect to find out living on Clifton Road. Anyway, I guess clean-up will begin this week - our yard is a mess!

Front/Side yard

Getting to the cars

Brylee and I thought it was pretty

Starting to reach the front porch

More of the front "yard"

A little friend joined us on the porch

Reaching the camper

Rising up on the cars

Even around the garage

Getting worse

Where the two creeks meet

Saved by a tractor

The tractor pulling the Sentra to safety

Building a baracade to protect us

Tyler enjoying the Whitehead River

What a fun Sunday!


Doug said...

Wow! pretty amazing.
did the playset you spent hours working on survive the flood?

Raul said...

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